• 成熟就是一切归于简单

  • 企业家是一种生活态度

    Thalias 一直被认为是走在同行业的前列,加入我们一起来为推动酒店业出一分力。
  • 奢侈在于每个细节

  • 关怀就是懂得分享

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Thalias 的文化



Thalias 关心它对社会带来的影响与发展。通过在全国各种贡献我们希望可以为社会出一分力。


Thalias 一直在寻找合作伙伴和新产品来打开高级餐饮及酒店的豪华市场,以完善我们对市场的覆盖面。


Thalias 重视社会的持续发展,在建立自己的同时,我们也一起来建立社会,为未来发展努力。

  • Thalias supports actively the Cambodian Restaurant Association

    Thalias supports actively the Cambodian Restaurant Association (CRA) dialogue with Cambodian Government to Prepare for the Return of International Travel

    The Cambodian Government has performed exemplary duty keeping its citizens safe during the current pandemic, and thanks to these efforts Read More
  • SOSORO is reopening to the public

    SOSORO is reopening to the public

    Situated nearby the Post office in the heart of Phnom Penh’s historical district, the SOSORO Museum narrates 2,000 years of Read More
  • Phnom Penh’s Riverside Trials

    Phnom Penh’s Riverside Trials and Tribulation during Covid-19 Times

    Cambodia’s first imported case of Covid-19, coming from China, happened late January 2020, while the first Cambodian national diagnosed with Read More
  • Joseph Drouhin

    Joseph Drouhin

    By all accounts, Joseph Drouhin was an enterprising young man. He came from the Chablis region in the far north Read More
  • Khema is on the Go

    Khema is on the Go

    Flatiron Meridian Cambodia is a state-of-the-art, integrated development that incorporates prime office space, hospitality, and over 300 units of five-star, Read More
  • Num Banh-Chok Malis

    Num Banh-Chok Malis

    Cambodian’s are proud of their Num Banh Chok, it is the name of their rice noodles and also the name Read More
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Thalias 品牌


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With more than 15 years with Thalias under her belt, for the last eight of which she has been the eternally popular General Manager of our flagship restaurant, Topaz, Lina Hak is now set to take on the role of Director of Operations for the entire group. Her advancement comes at a crucial time for the company as we embark on a change in style for how we approach new developments, and there are a lot of them on the way.

Lina will step into her new role this October, she can still be found at Topaz as involved in every detail as she has always been. But as a woman with a voracious approach to learning, she’s still finding the time to expand her skills. “There is always another level up to look forward to, and there are always new things to learn or old things to improve. I’ve been taking some online leadership courses from John C. Maxwell as well,” she said, adding “Even though I have reached the position that I have, I still look at every day as an opportunity to learn something new, or find a new opportunity. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning”.

At Thalias, Lina’s thirst for knowledge has found its home. “Thalias redefined its corporate mission four years ago so that our aim is to ‘nurture everyone in our care towards a state of fulfilment’. These are not just empty words. Arnaud [Darc, Thalias’ CEO] has proved every day that he means what he says, and that applies to all of our staff as well as our customers,” she said.

However, she steps into this role at a delicate time for the company, and the country. Covid has ravaged the tourism industry in Cambodia, one of the backbones of the economy. Everyone involved is suffering in some way, and those are the lucky ones. The only companies that are not suffering anymore are those that have already gone to the wall and closed their doors. However, Covid has also given hospitality stakeholders an opportunity to regroup and plan for the future.

“I think that within five years’ time hospitality in Phnom Penh will really take off again. Many in the industry have taken this down time to grow and learn new skills. As a result, our teams are now able to work much more effectively and cohesively and with much less support than before. I am sure that many of the things that we have learned during this time will benefit us in the long run and upgrading skills is just one example. I take this disaster, and use it as an opportunity to turn it into a challenge.”

This ties in neatly with Lina’s plans for how she’s going to approach her new role, which include a strong approach to supporting staff in their own development as much as being team players too.

On her success so far, Lina is reluctant to credit much to her own talents, her patience, sense of humour, empathy and genuine connection that she develops with people that she encounters, or her openness, whether it be to people or challenges. In fact, she doesn’t mention them at all, instead preferring to focus on how Thalias has helped her become the Lina she is today. “This company always gives its people an opportunity to grow. And together we can grow big because we are here for each other. I love what I do, and I am sure that I am surrounded by people who see things the way that I do, and that I see them how they do. We share the same goals. That is the key to success.”

  • Topaz 法国高级餐厅
  • Malis 高级柬埔寨美食
  • Khéma 咖啡馆及美食店
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  • "一个庆祝的地方和品质经常一致!"

    Topaz 总是被我们认为是去庆祝的地方,当我们想要一个好的地方来招待客人的话总回来这里。有我最喜欢的一道菜是鹅肝酱汤,蔬菜清汤的有傻鹅肝,伴酥皮盖着汤。值得推荐另外价格也非常合理,因为运用了昂贵的材料和菜肴都用了高端的厨艺技术。

  • "食物非常好吃, 环境非常优美... 完美!"


  • "Khéma Aeon 商城分店

    法国甜品美食 Eclair将永远不会是相同的。相信我,就这一个,你咬一口,并停止嚼,您将会跟身边的人说:“我的天呀”。因为您不知道希望说什么 (太好吃了吧)...

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