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As you may have noticed, in the far-right corner of Thalias' logo is a bee. This bee represents the hard work that every single member of our staff puts in to making Thalias what it is today. One of the most important elements for us has always been our sense of responsibility towards our employees and our community. It has helped us to foster relationships and loyalty that have real meaning, not only for us personally, but also for the business. It is a key ingredient in our success, and it makes our jobs more fun too.

Today we have decided to pay tribute to some of the 500 Thalias employees; Chefs, General Managers, Executive Assistants, Legal & Compliance Managers... who work incredibly hard with passion, loyalty and skill to ensure that everyone who steps through our doors has the best possible experience. It’s a real joy for us when we can turn the tables to celebrate the ones who make the magic happen. Meet them now through this month's newsletter, and don't hesitate to personally greet them next time you visit one of our outlets!

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new Board of Directors of Cambodia Restaurant Association which I am proud to preside. Together with the team we will set our time, talents and energies to the task of promoting and developing Cambodia’s restaurant industry, quite a challenge in these unusually difficult times.

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud Darc,
CEO and Chairman Thalias Hospitality Group
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