Thalias 博客随时收到 Thalias 的最新资讯及不同品牌的优惠


thalias best hospitality
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For the second time in a row, we are proud to announce that all Thalias outlets have received the Best Hospitality award on Thursday February 27, following an online survey completed by you – members of the public. The Ministry of Tourism released its list of the most revered outlets, with Topaz, Khéma Angkor, Khéma La Poste, Khéma Pasteur, Malis Phnom Penh, Malis Siem Reap, and the Arunreas hotel all honoured by the ministry, which we take with great pride coming from the people that matter most – our guests.

"Witnessing that the public rates so highly all of Thalias' outlets for the second time in a row is a great honour. This is also the perfect motivation for our team members to continue on our mission to nurture every person in our care towards a state of fulfilment," said Mr Arnaud Darc, CEO and Chairman of Thalias Hospitality.

This listing ensures that the Thalias team enters 2020 with a refreshed sense of commitment to our vision of being the recognised first choice for lovers of fine food and hospitality.

And, of course, given our desire to be at the top of the game, we are hopeful that our outlets will continue to force their way in to the Ministry of Tourism’s best of Cambodia. We plan to make sure of that by running our outlets with the same style, simplicity and warmth as all those that came before them.