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Lina Hak

I have been working with Arnaud, CEO and Founder of Thalias, since 2005, first as his secretary. But I was hoping for more challenges than being a typist. After discussion with him, he took me to meet with a supplier for Topaz and Malis and in a few minutes I negotiated a better deal, even though he had been with that supplier for five years. I was then promoted to be the purchasing manager of the company. In May 2011, I was offered the job of general manager at Topaz. My management and the company have been educating me in the ways of running a restaurant, guest relations and understanding our menu. I worked 10 hours a day, but it was worth it. And when Arnaud went to France for several weeks, he was happy that everything ran smooth as silk.

Lina Hak, General Manager, Topaz