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Thalias Newsletter February

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“I know of only one duty, and that is to love.”

At Thalias, we definitely agree with Albert Camus. Everything we do, everyday, aims to make each of your special occasions in our establishments across Cambodia a joyful and memorable one. Graduation, family gathering, birthday, engagement, wedding anniversary, or even bigger national or cultural events… All these bring us together of course, but the most important of all may be the celebration of Love, with a capital L. And because we love celebrating Love, here is how we can help you celebrate it as well.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable romantic meal at Khéma, the lovely ambiance of Malis Siem Reap's elegant high ceilings or Malis Phnom Penh's lush garden courtyard, or Topaz's sumptuous wood paneled refuge, we have something for everyone for Valentine’s Day. Make a reservation with us now, then sit back and relax as you count down the days knowing that we will take care of everything for this very special night.

See below our special guide to Valentine's Day, including a few delicious ideas for you to delight your loved one, and much more for those who wish to stay up to date with the latest local and international news.

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud Darc,
CEO and Chairman Thalias Hospitality Group

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13th ASEM summit in Phnom Penh: Strengthening Multilateralism For Shared Growth

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In November this year, Cambodia will for the fist time host the Asia-Europe Meeting, a gathering of leaders from leaders of 51 member states from across both regions as well as the EU and the Asian Secretariat. The 13th ASEM Summit will be held under the theme of “Strengthening Multilateralism for Shared Growth”.

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Journey up the Mekong: Chhlong and Le Relais de Chhlong

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Perched along the east side of the Mekong just 30km south of Kratie, Chhlong is a small, sleepy, leafy town that once served as a busy trading port under France’s colonial rule. Traces of that trading past can still be found among the town’s dusty, mango and palm tree-lined lanes where, in among the shops and homes, can be found a row of colonial buildings whose splendour has long since passed. That is not the case though for the former Governor’s mansion further down the river, which has been painstakingly restored to its former glory, and reopened as a hotel as Le Relais de Chhlong.

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Food Tourism the Ticket to the Future

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Over the last two decades, the role of food and gastronomy in tourism has taken on an increasingly important role. This makes inherent sense as through the act of eating a tourist literally consumes the local heritage he or she has travelled to enjoy. We spend more time eating, and thinking about eating, when we travel than we do almost any other activity, and we spend a significant amount of our budget on it too (globally, around 30% of tourism expenditure goes on food). Moreover, we’re far more likely while travelling to splurge out on expensive dinners we wouldn’t enjoy at home, or try exotic new foods we may not even find at home.

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