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Keeping the Books on Murder

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A project to digitise the records kept at the most infamous and lethal of the Khmer Rouge’s detention centres, Tuol Sleng, is due to be finalised and made public this September. Indexing and digitising more than 400,000 documents belonging to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the project was performed by Digital Divide Data (DDD) in partnership with UNESCO and The Brechin Group, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and the Korean International Cooperation Agency, KOICA.

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Cambodia Democracy Act is passed by US House of Representatives

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This July, US Representative Ted Yoho succeeded in pushing his Cambodia Democracy bill through the United States House of Representatives from where it will go to the Senate for further debate and a vote which may or may not see the bill passing into law. If passed, the Cambodia Democracy Act will create a requirement for the American president to impose sanctions on individuals deemed responsible by him for acts undermining democracy in Cambodia. Yoho introduced a similar bill last year, which passed the House but did not survive the Senate.

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Thalias Newsletter August 2019

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August newsletter has many great surprises concocted by Thalias Hospitality Group. And they will surely brighten up this upcoming month.

First, we are deeply thrilled to host the French Master Chocolatier and Confectioner Serge Granger at Khéma. Do not miss the opportunity to meet the Chef during our dedicated New High Tea events and learn more about his exceptional techniques.

If this is not enough to satisfy your appetite, we are pleased to announce that Topaz will launch its new menu very soon. Consommé de bœuf au cinq champignons, Matignon de veau à la truffe noire, Pantoufle du Cardinal… Read more below about our brand new mouthwatering dishes.

As we are always keen to share our passion and knowledge about food and cuisine, this newsletter will also focus on the health benefits of sugarcane juice - a staple drink in Cambodia - and a surprising yet delicious ingredient: blood.

On a cultural level, Thalias also wanted to highlight a fascinating work that is building up our knowledge of Angkor and how the Khmer Empire came to end. And, as our company is also fully grounded in the present, it was finally important for us to focus on the trade deal that the EU signed with Vietnam as it highlights a double-standard with the possible loss of access to the EU's Everything But Arms.

Please enjoy the reading and I look forward to continuing the conversation in one of our outlets.

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud Darc,
CEO and Chairman Thalias Hospitality Group

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The Surprising (and Delicious) Health Benefits of Sugar Cane

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A giant grass resembling bamboo, sugar cane was first domesticated in New Guinea before beginning its transformative march around the globe around 10,000 years ago. Unlike the hollow bamboo though, sugar cane stems are almost 90% filled with a sappy pulp with a pleasantly sweet flavour. Processed, it becomes a vital source of the world’s sugar trade, but it can also be eaten raw, a favourite for those looking for a refreshing drink or sweet treat to chew on. But it doesn’t just taste good, sugar cane (in moderation…) can be good for you too.

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