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Enlightened Hospitality
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Dear Colleagues, Guests and Partners,

Recently I shared with Thalias’ executive team the concept of “Enlightened Hospitality” I discovered while reading the book “Setting the Table” by Danny Meyer a successful restaurant entrepreneur in New York.

Because this book had the merits to formulate clearly in plain words the essence of our own almost three decades old culture, I was compelled to use its substance to launch new meaningful discussions with our people. These meetings resulted in a new formulation of Thalias Vision and Mission while giving us the opportunity to put words together on a blank page to describe Thalias Culture.

It’s my honor to share with you today their outcomes.

Mission Statement:
“At Thalias we inspire and nurture everyone in our care to enrich lives through the power of enlightened hospitality, one recipe, one person, one restaurant, at a time”

Vision Statement:
“To establish Thalias as the favorite premier hospitality company with fine, fast, and casual dining venues powered by two principles, enlightened hospitality and steady growth, which combined, nurture an ever-evolving corporate culture.”

Our moto:
“Do unto others as you believe they would want done unto them”

Thalias Values are:

1. Excellence: Doing the things we do as well as we can, possibly do it and figure a way to do it even better the next day honoring the work we did the day before.
2. Hospitality: Doing the things we do in a way that makes other people feel better
3. Integrity: Having the judgement to do the right things even when it is not in our own self-interest to do it, even when no one else is looking.
4. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Creating fresh ways of looking at processes that the rest of us only wish we had thought of first because everything can get better. It must come from everyone.

These 4 values are the cement that glue our team members together; the chemistry works because these family values take roots and draw their strength from 6 emotional skills that characterize each individual working in Thalias. They are:

Optimistic Kindness: you are happier yourself when you make someone happy. Skeptics and Cynics don’t tend to really care that much about how they make people feel.
Intellectual Curiosity: You look every day to learn something new. If we are going to be on that road of excellence, we need people that like to learn.
Work Ethic: You must care about doing that job as well as it can be done.
Empathy: Put yourself in her/his shoes” That’s what we tell someone when we want them to see things from someone else’s point of view. Empathy is the ability to communicate (send and receive messages) and lead by understanding others’ thoughts, views, and feelings.
Self-awareness: As a boat leaves a wake in its path, a trail of frothing waves, we also leave a trail behind us in all our interactions; we leave emotional wakes.
Integrity: Having the judgment to do the right things always.

With a new clear vision, our values, our emotional and technical skills consciencely present in everyone we are set to accomplish our mission where one good thing keeps leading something even better by starting a virtuous circle with 1st our team members, 2nd with our customers, 3rd with our suppliers, 4th with you our extended community, 5th with the regulator and lastly 6th with our investors. Our guests in all our restaurants are never going to be any happier coming to dine then our staff members are going to work so that’s where the virtuous cycle start, with the team.

And that is Enlightened Hospitality.

Also, In this month publication we have a lot to share with you, and here are the headlines:

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Cambodian’s are proud of their Num Banh Chok, it is the name of their rice noodles and also the name of the enormously popular dish they are used in

Khema is on the Go
This new Phnom Penh landmark is inspired by the iconic Flatiron building located in Manhattan, New York City

Joseph Drouhin
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Phnom Penh’s Riverside Tribulations during Covid-19 Times
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SOSORO is reopening to the public
Situated nearby the Post office in the heart of Phnom Penh’s historical district, the SOSORO Museum narrates 2,000 years of Cambodia’s history

Enjoy reading!

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud Darc,
CEO and Chairman Thalias Hospitality Group
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