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Graduation day at Thalias
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On September 30th, 66 chefs from all over the country have become the very first ASEAN National Trainers and Assessors for Food Production in Cambodia! It was for me a great privilege and immense pleasure to be here with them to celebrate the recognition of their hard work and achievements.

As fresh graduate they are commencing a new chapter in Cambodia Food Production’s history which mark an important milestone in the development of Cambodia’s tourism and hospitality industry.

They have achieved this in the face of not just the challenges of learning and applying a great deal of knowledge, but also in the face of a global pandemic. Despite all the difficulties we have all encountered, their strong commitment, hard work and persistence have paid off.
They made it!

The other element that has carried them through, and perhaps the most important element of all, is their passion: passion for knowledge and skills, a passion for sharing that knowledge, a passion for hospitality, service, and the passion to become a key player in Cambodia’s future.

As they go out to do their work, they will be directly lifting standards across the country, making it a more attractive, dynamic destination, and helping young Cambodians to build the best futures for themselves that they can. This certification recognised their successful completion of their training program but not the end of their learning. That is a lifelong journey that will bring richness and depth and meaning to everything they do, as all great journeys do.

With these two inaugural intakes, the Thalias Assessment Center for Food Production, in collaboration with the National Committee for Tourism Professionals-NCTP, ASSIST Mekong Region and William Angliss Institute, has trained 66 chefs to become 26 national trainers and 40 national assessors in food production for hotel services.

As part of their training, these newly trained assessors have already assessed the competencies of 80 cooks and pâtissiers as part of the award process for Certificate 2 in Cookery or Pastry.

September 30, marks the completion of this first training project managed by Thalias Human Resources Director, Mr. YOK Settha, co-funded by Thalias Hospitality Group and DEG, a subsidiary of the German KFW Banking Group that finances private sector investments in emerging and developing countries from the public funds of German Federal Ministry of International Economic Cooperation and Development. Even though this project has come to a successful conclusion, the Thalias Assessment Center for Food Production (TACFP) will carry on, and Mr. Yok Settha plans to call for another round of funding to continue TACFP dual missions:
1. Foster lifelong learning in food production by encouraging further study through acknowledgement of work-based learning and recognition of past study.
2. Assess the competencies of culinary workers for certification through the formal recognition of prior learning in accordance with the national and ASEAN Qualification Frameworks.

We wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodian and in particular to H.E Pak Sokhom, Ms. Sok Sophea and NCTP team for all their hard work in project coordination and training delivery, Mr. Aru David and Ms. Nicole from ASSIST Mekong Region for their invaluable partnership, Mr. Wayne Crosbie and trainers from William Angliss Institute, DEG for their essential support in co-financing this project.