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You may not remember this, but in keeping with Thalias’ strong tradition of innovation, we introduced our first food and wine delivery app all the way back in 2012 (near prehistory in the whirlwind digital world). It seems that we were a little ahead of our time then and that app fell, sadly, below the waves. But not now, which is why we’re delighted to bring you the brand new Thalias App (2.0), designed to make your life easier, tastier and a lot more rewarding.

Whether you want to eat out or in, fans of Topaz, Malis, Khéma will be able to make instant bookings, check the menu, place an order for delivery or pick-up, make contactless payments, give their feedback and generate rewards even beyond every delicious bite.

Nicolas Juralina, whom many of you will recognise from Khéma Pasteur and Arunreas Hotel, has led the development team for the Thalias App. Talking about why Thalias have decided to do this now, he said, “We wanted to build a bridge between our guests and our restaurants, and it was obvious it needs to be a six-way lane in order to meet every possible need that they could have.

“Everyone has experienced the struggle to reserve a table in a popular venue, and the slightest misunderstanding over the phone can ruin even the most carefully planned occasion with friends or a romantic date. We wanted to offer a fuss-free reservation tool without the need to call the restaurant for a last-minute lunch or for reserving that perfect dinner in advance.”

With that convenience comes a great deal of flexibility too. Customers will also be able to respond to last-minute changes of plan by simply editing or cancelling their booking at any time, and anywhere, with just three taps of a finger. What could be simpler?


That high-grade convenience and flexibility extends to our delivery and pick-up options too because we’ve taken the time to consider the whole process all the way through. What’s more, you can also schedule your order for delivery in advance so that’s one more thing you can tick off your to-do list and then carry on with your day while thinking of the delicious meal you’ve got lined up ahead.

“Whether it’s a croissant and coffee break, a four-course meal, or a birthday cake, you can have it delivered for free, or opt for a pick-up on your way home. You can track your orders in real time, and receive alerts when your order is being prepared and your food is on its way. The power is entirely in your hands,” said Nicolas.

Payment couldn’t be any easier by cash on collection, ABA transfer or by secure credit card.

For diners in any of our establishments, the Thalias App also includes a QR code so they can pull up the menu and place their order from their table without any fuss or bother.

These are just a few possibilities that Nicolas wanted to highlight, but there are many more such as map view for each restaurant, direct chat, special offers for registered users, flash promotions, reward program, memberships and much much more.

The Thalias App is on a “soft opening” period for the next few weeks and offering perks and bonuses to thank our first 500 users for their support and feedback. And of course the App will be usable in all Thalias restaurants, including the large number that we’re due to add over the period of the next year.

We are proud to support local talents and our team of Cambodian programmers is already working on the next update to include options never before seen in any restaurant application. Time to start tapping!