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If you’re looking for intricate, elegant yet infinitely wearable jewellery with real meaning, jewellery that’s capable of telling a story, be it of love, or loss, of hope and desire, of connection with the natural world and with humanity, jewellery that actually, really, genuinely means something, we have found the answer. Although, if you already know Garden of Desire, you will have known who we were describing long before we mentioned their name.


©Garden of Desire

garde -of-desire

Ly Piseth’s creations are the result of one man’s devastating early years, a story known by many Cambodians above the age of 45, but also of a sensitivity that is unique to him. A sensitivity to nature, to feeling and to the things that bind us as humans. His capacity to transform this history and sensitivity into exquisitely beautiful pieces of jewellery is what sets his pieces apart from any jewellery you’ll see almost anywhere in the world.


© Garden of Desire


And it is uniquely Cambodian too. Inspired by the Kingdom’s natural world, its vines and leaves, trees and animals, his pieces also incorporate Cambodian semi-precious stones and sandstone, the same material with which so many of the Khmer Empire’s temples were constructed. Part of the KHMER collection, these pieces are designed to last, a lifetime and beyond. The perfect symbol for an enduring love affair.

There are now three Garden of Desire outlets in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.