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Tired of the life you’re living? Then perhaps it’s time to step into another… TrickArt brings you a world of optical illusions, with life-size murals that can transport you to the other side of the world, and not only that, while the journey may be virtual, you can still become a part of it. And with Art Box in Siem Reap, we have the biggest TrickArt exhibition in the world. That part is no illusion.

But TrickArt is based on illusion. It’s an artistic field that creates 2D images using a technique that creates the appearance of depth and three-dimensionality (stereoscopy). The result is an image that seems to come alive in the eyes of the viewer, meaning you can now visit the temples without breaking a sweat. Or perhaps you’d prefer a quick jaunt to Machu Pichu, or Venice, or deep into the jungle or under sea, or to see the Seven Wonders of the World? It’s all there, and so much more too.


But it’s more than that. TrickArt allows you to take part in what you’re seeing. It’s basically selfie-Heaven. The images are created with the viewer interaction in mind, and the possibilities for play are limitless.

TrickArt is not necessarily new. Anyone associated with the work of MC Escher knows how artists can use our own eyes to fool us into seeing things and making connections that seemingly can only be experienced but not explained. But with a fresh burst of creativity, it has recently taken the world by storm, with TrickArt exhibitions opening up across Asia and beyond. This is a chance to challenge your eye and your perception of the world, in glorious technicolour. Don’t miss it.

ArtBox is open six days a week (Wednesday to Sunday). For more information, see: