Ever wondered whether you’re really a goofy or regular kind of person? Well, the people at ICF Wake Park will have the answer. ICF Wake Park opened this year and is Cambodia’s first wake boarding park, set in the countryside just outside Siem Reap.

But it is more than just an entertainment centre, it is also part of a vibrant Christian community that helps young Cambodians through education, sports and the arts.

ICF Siem Reap is a non-denominational church founded in Siem Reap by the Strupler family in 2014. In the years since, they have built the ICF Campus with classrooms, a soccer pitch, tennis courts, basketball, and a lake, where each week, they educate, entertain, connect and cater for almost 1,000 young Cambodians. The Wake Park is part of their strategy of connecting people with their potential through sports, and fun, and is open to all.

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What is wakeboarding? A relatively young, less than 40-years old, but fast-growing, water sport, and also one of the coolest, it’s a cocktail of water skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Wakeboarding straps the rider’s feet on to a single wide plank and then zooms them off across the water either behind a powerboat or using a cable. Whether you’re goofy or regular depends on which foot you put forward on the board. It is genuinely tremendous fun, and once the basics are mastered, not that difficult. Do be prepared to spend some time in, rather than on, the water at first, but we promise the rewards are worth it. Think of it as an opportunity to cool off in the heat.

But the ultimate goal with wakeboarding is not to zig-zag up and down a stretch of water, but to start doing tricks, which is where the obstacles in the lake come in. Once you get on to these, you’ll be soaring through the air, sometimes upside down (don’t be alarmed), before landing down (perfectly, right?) back on the water and tearing off again to tackle the next big trick. Exhilarating, challenging, extremely good for your arm muscles, wakeboarding may well wake you up to a whole new side of yourself, goofy or regular.

ICF Wake Park is open seven days a week. For more information, see: