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In Britain, they are cut thick, deep fried and served with fish. Canadians fill a bowl, then smother it in gravy and cheese. The Spanish cube theirs, douse them in mayonnaise, tomato sauce and basil. Australians will take them in any shape and size, as long as there is lots of ketchup. And then French, they slice them long and thin, to be best served with steak or mussels.

Poutine, patatas bravas, hot chips, pommes frites or French fries – no matter what you call them, there is no doubting their versatility, or that, outside rice, wheat and maize, they are one of the most loved staple foods across the globe, with 11 million tonnes consumed around the world each year. Yes, 11 million tonnes!

And so, it should come as no surprise that the humble fried potato portions are to be celebrated, with National French Fries Day on July 13.

For centuries, the Belgians have been on the frontline of French fries, and are the biggest exporter in the world. According to them, French Fries were born in the small town of Namur, near Brussels, when the lake froze over and prevented them from catching and frying their normal diet of fish.

Folklore says that the hungry lot would chop potatoes down to the size of small fish and fry them in the exact same way that they would with their regular meal – and so was born the French fry.

Those tales are disputed, however, with French historians of the belief that French Fries – or Pomme frites Pont Neuf – were invented by street vendors and served with hot chestnuts on the oldest bridge in Paris after the 1789 revolution. The humble potato sticks made their first appearance in a French cookbook five years later.

Khéma Steak-Frites
Khéma Steak-Frites
Khéma Steak-Frites
Khéma Chicken in Devil sauce

Celebrate this most auspicious day at Khéma with our Steak Frites – a 180 gram fillet, with salad and a choice of Bearnaise, Roquefort or Black pepper sauce – and our pan-fried chicken leg in devil sauce, both accompanied by delicious golden fries.

Come celebrate with us!