EuroCham’s White Book is a volume in support of the Royal Cambodian government, offering analysis of Cambodia-Europe business relations and a compilation of policy recommendations that could ease the process of doing business in Cambodia – something that can be of benefit to the country, the workforce and the plethora of European firms and companies that make up such an integral part of Cambodia’s professional landscape.

In the past, the White Book has proven to be a vital tool, with EuroCham Chairman Arnaud Darc using it to advocate on behalf of the conglomerate’s members, while at the same time improving standards for all, which inevitably trickle down through all sectors of business in the country. Overall, we have seen an engagement of above 60% of White Book recommendations, either through direct feedback or related policy changes.

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Based on the dozens of recommendations made in the 2017 White Book, in addition to a series of bilateral meetings with the relevant ministries and figures, the third edition of the publication is the most thorough to date, with written responses from the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s General Department of Taxation, The Ministry of Health’s Department of Drugs & Food and National Health Products Control Center, addressing some of the most pressing issues with regard to operating a business in Cambodia in 2019 and beyond.

Launched on July 1, the 2019 White Book is a stepping stone towards further consultation and cooperation with the Royal Cambodian Government, the development of studies, working papers and initiatives in various sectors, and increased access for Europeans looking to business in the Kingdom of Wonder.

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