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When fire ripped through the Sambok Cham community in Steung Meanchey earlier this year, destroying some 40 houses, Thalias felt the heat. One of our staff - a waiter at Khéma - lost his home and almost everything inside it. As a tight-knit community that values each member, we came together and created an informal fundraising drive to get him and his family back on their feet, collecting clothes, kitchen materials, furniture and money to help them restart their lives. It worked. Things are back to normal for him. But the incident got us thinking about the security of our 500 staff (and their families) and the ability to fall back on existing infrastructure in the case of emergency or illness. And so, with the oversight of our legal and corporate social responsibility experts, we developed our own in-house social security, Thalias Employee Welfare Association.

Thalias Team

“In the event of an emergency, death of a family member, a fire, our staff will be secure in any desperate situation,” says Mathilde Vasseur, Thalias’ corporate social responsibility manager. “There will also be other commercial benefits and advantages for members - such as discounts on travel, restaurants, cinema, coffee shops and the like.” The fund will be based on member contributions, with each staff member putting a symbolic contribution each month.

June 1 marks the beginning of our in-house Welfare Association, with employee contributions piling up now. We hope we never have to dip into the fund, but feel very secure that if something does go wrong for one of the Thalias family, the safety net is in place to make a tough time as smooth as possible.