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Want to bring your home-cooked Christmas meal to another level? Then our ‘Holiday Stuffed Turkey Supreme’ recipe is just for you. Master Chef of Topaz Restaurant, Alain “Papa” Darc, exposes some of his chef’s secrets with an original recipe to impress your guests. With the flamboyant style and passion that characterize the Chef, this main course promises to be full of flavours and expressive Christmas spirit.

Makes 5 portions:
700g turkey breast
100g sausage meat
100g cooked foie gras
30g truffles
30g minced shallot
20g minced garlic
1 egg
2g allspice
Caul fat
30g crème fraiche
50g minced onion
50g sliced carrot
300g chicken stock
20g sweet white wine
400g chestnuts (split)


Start by cutting the turkey breasts lengthwise so they can be folded later. Hollow out the halves, removing approximately 100g of meat. Be careful not to cut through them. Season with salt and pepper to taste then set them aside.

Cook minced garlic and shallots in butter over a low heat to release moisture, but do not brown them.

In a large bowl, blend the sausage and turkey with two tablespoons of crème fraiche. Add diced foie gras, minced truffle, split chestnuts, along with the chilled garlic and shallots. Mix until well integrated, then add egg and allspice. Taste the stuffing and season accordingly.

Fill one half of a turkey breast with a generous helping of your stuffing. Fold over and lavish it with caul fat. Repeating for all turkey breasts. Then lightly brown them in a stew pot over high heat.

Empty your stew pot and arrange sliced carrot and the minced onion along its bottom. Top with browned breasts and place in a 250° oven for 10 minutes before adding the white wine. Let it reduce to two thirds and add the chicken stock. Cover it with a lid and decrease the temperature of the oven to 200°. Bake for 35 minutes. If you’re unsure if the breasts are done, use a meat thermometer. When the interior temperature reaches 74°C (165°F), then it is cooked. Remove the pot from the oven and set turkey breasts aside to cool. Pass the cooking juices through a sieve to make a fine gravy.

Surround Turkey Supreme slices with chestnuts lovingly warmed in your gravy. Serve with a side of celery purée or tagliatelle and a healthy glass of white wine. We suggest Côte-du-Rhône or Saint-Joseph.

Now just sit back, relax and bask in the pleasure of seeing your guests’ satisfied smiles as your Turkey Supreme washes over their palates.

Merry Christmas!