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The mission to reduce waste, especially plastic waste, is one we never forget at Thalias. Which is why we are happy to announce that, from now on, in all of our outlets — Topaz, Malis, Khéma and Arunreas — your drinks will be served with high-quality environmentally biodegradable straws. So if you choose to take a straw, feel free to sip in style like before; this time knowing that you are reducing your impact on the environment. 

Thalias has been working to reduce or eliminate our use of plastics for several years now, especially for single-use plastics like bags, and now straws. While many argue that eliminating straws is only a drop in the ocean, we believe that change starts somewhere. Particularly because so much of the plastic waste literally ends up in our oceans! So every “drop in the ocean” that is resolved is also another step toward finally eliminating all single-use plastics, everywhere.

Straws may be small but they are not nothing. More than half a million straws are used every single day all over the world. The United States goes through enough that they could be put end to end and wrapped two and a half times around the world’s circumference. Every single day.

Our new straws are made by Advance Bio, a part of the trusted Cambodia Hotel Supply company in Siem Reap. The straws from Advance Bio look and feel just like ordinary plastic straws but, once they have been used and discarded, they start to break down and decompose naturally, without leaving any toxic residue behind.

Quite simply, it makes sense.