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The principle of corporate social responsibility, whose importance has been growing in Cambodia over the last number of years, received another boost last month when EuroCham held its first GreenBiz Breakfast Talk welcoming companies from across the international spectrum.

Corporate social responsibility has become a priority for many of Cambodia’s leading companies, including Thalias Group, who understand it is not just an investment in the social structure and environment, but also an essential investment in their own future. It is no longer good enough for companies to measure their success in terms of growth and economic performance. They must also perform well on other metrics too, including social and environmental impact and the development of their employees.

On April 5, 13 companies and organisations came together for the breakfast meeting at EuroCham to talk about “Greening the Tourism Sector”, and share their information and experiences, including managing and reducing food waste, the GoGreen Cambodia App, recycling and tried and tested green practices.

Membership in the GreenBiz Forum is not limited to members of EuroCham or even to European companies. Attendees included XL Consulting, PPCBank, the FCCC group, Comin Khmere, AISPP, ARTillery Group, Green Yellow and Lotus Radio.

EuroCham is now actively looking at how it can extend the knowledge shared more widely and, of course, build upon it with future meetings. As a first event, it was warmly welcomed by those attending. But CSR is firmly on the agenda, and will be even more so for more and more companies, and EuroCham is committed to supporting them in that mission where it can.