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As of 10 April this year, shoppers at supermarkets and shopping centres will be charged for the plastic bags that they use.

The change comes following the adoption of a new sub-decree on plastic use management by the Council of Ministers, which sets out to encourage everyone to drop plastic bags for other alternatives through measures restricting imports of plastic bags and imposing fines on plastic bag consumers.

The sub-decree creates an obligation for every citizen to minimise the use of plastics as much as possible, through recycling or using alternatives and will set up incentives for business owners who voluntarily reduce their usage.

The extra charge to be imposed will be set at a later date.

Thalias is already working hard to eliminate plastic bags and other disposable materials in its daily operations, with support from organisations such as Plastic Free Cambodia as we do so. See their website for ideas and inspirations on how to reduce plastic in your life: