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The Cambodia Restaurant Association has elected its board members for 2018 to 2020, selecting Hak Lina, whom everyone will know as the power behind Topaz, as President of the Association. Lina will be supported by a team of six from across the industry including, we are proud to say, two more from the Thalias team: Nicolas Juralina and Sambo Nov, who keep the lights on at our two Khéma locations in Phnom Penh.

Lina is very keen that the Association should really represent and promote the interests of the industry, and also help everyone who plays a part in it to be able to raise their skills. This will mean more collaborating and sharing between members for the benefit of all, and events for networking and learning more.

The newly elected board members of the CRA are Hak Lina (President), Frank Sokh (Vice-President), Eugene Gurung (Secretary General), Chhiv Pidor (Treasury), Nicolas Juralina (Member for Membership), Nov Sambo (Member for Public Relations), Anne Sarine (Member for the Training Committee).