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Rabies is an entirely lethal virus with an entirely effective remedy. Yet of the 600,000 people bitten by dogs every year in Cambodia, 800 die an entirely and tragically preventable death. With support from Thalias Hospitality and other organisations, The Pasteur Institute in partnership with SIPAR Cambodia is working hard to reduce that number by half through a five-year awareness and access campaign. The ultimate goal, however, is to eradicate the disease in Cambodia by 2030.

Under the campaign, vaccination centres will be established in Battambang and Kampong Cham, expanding the existing network of two in Phnom Penh and one in Siem Reap. In addition, 54,000 illustrated brochures detailing the nature of the disease, how it is spread and what to do in the event of exposure will be distributed among schools, NGOs, companies, pharmacies and many other contact points. Further support will come through pedagogical tools, a media campaign and nationwide events.

In addition to supporting this important work, Thalias is also participating by building awareness among our 500-strong team, and through them their families and wider communities. This month we are distributing campaign brochures to our entire workforce to help give them and the people they care about the information they need to protect themselves.

To find out more about The Pasteur Institute and SIPAR’s Rabies Prevention campaign, see their website: